Sous le charme de Sophie Madeleine

J'ai découvert sa voix et son univers grâce à Toni, du blog Fashion Cloud. D'abord interpellée par la beauté de la demoiselle, je veux voir si elle arrivera également à me charmer par ses dons vocaux...
Moi qui était un peu dubitative, surtout quand je l'ai vu dégainée son ukélélé, instrument qui a connu son moment de hypitude, je me suis laissée séduire par sa voix douce. Son charme ? Sa voix imparfaite, qui sonne vraie !
Je trouve que c'est la BO parfaite d'un été à Paris, léger et ensoleillé !

Assez parlez, place au son et aux images !

crédit photo : Bethany Cissel

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  1. Now I kind of regret dropping my French course a year ago because I really want to know the story of this girl and all I can comprehend here is just chops of the whole text! :(
    but given the pictures, she's really pretty, she's got fantastic classic hair, and she must be really talented playing the Ukulele. thank you for sharing!:)

  2. @ Wynne : Oh, i'm sorry...I know i should translate for my foreign readers, but i'm too lazy ! I'm kidding ! ;)
    I was just writing that i discovered this singer on the blog, fashion cloud. Firstly, the only thing i noticed was her beauty... then i would see if her voice was as beautiful as her face .... and miracle ! Yes, she can sing !! :)
    I have to confess i was a bit sceptical because it is so trendy to play ukelele !
    I have been charmed by her soft voice. and above all, i love imperfection of her voice ! it sound soooo real !!

    So a translation just for you Wynne !! Of course, you should have proceeded your french course !! How you will do when you will come to Paris ? ;)

  3. elles sont vraiment belles ces photos!


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